Copy Cat Shoney’s Hot Fudge Cake!



If you live or have visited the South then your probably familiar with Shoney’s Restaurants. On the West Coast and beyond I believe the chain is called Bob’s Big Boy.
Shoney’s serves a fantastic dessert called Hot Fudge Cake and the Hot Fudge paired with the cake and ice cream center is a tasty dessert in the Fall and Winter Months……ok, anytime really, lol.

Our local Shoney’s Closed a few years ago and after a while I found I really missed being able to stop in for Hot Fudge Cake with my husband. I thought I could recreate the dessert and home and really….it’s darn close! It took a couple different times to find the right cake mix but now I can say this recipe tastes a lot like the restaurant version.

1 Box Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake Mix
1 gal. Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Jar of Hersey’s Hot Fudge

Prepare the Cake mix, following the package directions for a 13×9 pan. Once you have baked the cake and its cool. Simply cut out a square piece and cut in half. Out of the Vanilla Ice Cream cut a 1′inch thick square out of the ice cream. I find this is easy to do when you purchase the ice cream in the rectangle container instead of the round containers. Place the ice cream slice between the two pieces of cake and stack them together like a sandwich. Put some Hot Fudge in a Microwave Safe container and Heat. Once heated pour the desired amount on to the top of your cake. You can also top with Whip Cream.
Enjoy :)

This recipe will feed a lot of people. It’s great for a Holiday Dessert.

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